Hi, CAMMERS and families! We have gotten some calls regarding uniforms. As you know, WE ARE A UNIFORM SCHOOL. We are in the process of setting up a website that will allow you to order uniforms, pay for them directly, and have them shipped to your home in time for the first day of school. Students will have the option between two different colored polo shirts and khaki pants. Everyone will need to order a gym uniform as well.

We want to make this convenient process so please look for more information coming in the mail. Exciting times!!!

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Marchia Frederic

Unfortunately my son's uniform has not arrived. When the order was placed, it was supposed to ship August 30th. I received nothing and when I called the company I was informed of the delay and was told I would not ship until the 12th. I hope there will not be any issues regarding this because I ordered the uniform prior to the August 15th deadline that was initially given.


Where do we get our uniform? What is the totion?


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