This we believe:

§         Middle school learners are unique and need an emotionally safe space designed specifically for their developmental stage to thrive.

§         A student who understands his or her strengths and weaknesses has the greatest chance of actively participating in his or her academic success.

§         Education tailored to supporting the individual needs of learners produces individual progress and multiple opportunities for success.

§         A rigorous, standards-based curriculum creates a critical thinker when students are challenged to express their comprehension through multiple media.

§         A standards-based arts education enhances the educational experience of all students, be they performers or facilitators of the arts, in that it engages students to creatively express their voice and encourages imaginative, analytical thinking.

§         A commitment to service benefits the giver more than the receiver. 

§         Education is a team effort that requires a commitment from all involved: administrators, teachers, students, and parents; together we do more.